Most tech specialists don’t take their annual leave

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36% of technology professionals are failing to use annual leave to which they are entitled, according to the latest Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey.

Overall, half of the respondents said the most common reason for this is pressure to complete a project, heavy workloads or having applications for annual leave turned down.

“Growing awareness around cyber-security and the increasing importance of BI are adding to the pressures placed on technology professionals, increasing workloads and making it harder to take time off,” says Tom Chambers, Associate Director at Robert Walters.

The research also suggests that one in four technology professionals who don’t take their full allocation of leave say they cannot afford to accommodate a holiday.

Other reasons for not using full holiday allowances include loyalty to the company or brand and even guilt at leaving colleagues to take on the extra work.

Some technology professionals also lose holiday because they end the year with too many spare days to roll over. 

Growing awareness around cyber-security and the increasing importance of BI are adding to the pressures placed on technology professionals.

Making time for annual leave

To make the most of your annual holiday entitlement, you should:

  • Schedule your holidays well in advance. This will help reduce stress levels and offer enough time for your responsibilities to be shared or reduced around the time of your absence
  • Take a proper break. Allowing ample time to truly ‘switch off’ will ensure you get the rest you need across a busy working year. Although weekend breaks can help in the short term, try to allow for an extended holiday at least once a year
  • Disconnect. It's tempting to check your emails while you’re on holiday, but is this giving you the break you deserve? Instead, ensure someone else in the office is well-briefed on your work so that they can answer any urgent questions which may arise in your absence

About the survey

The Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey asked professionals a range of questions on their attitudes to career progression, work-life balance, working overseas and their contribution toward the success of the business.

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