Top 6 skills for HR analysts

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Commercially focused HR MI and Data Analysts have been in short supply and high demand recently, as employers recognise the results these staff can bring to the bottom line.

Employers looking to hire an MI, Data or HR Analyst will typically value technical expertise more so than generalist experience.

To be successful in the role you will need to be extremely comfortable with HR systems as well as managing and reporting on large volumes of data, particularly in Excel and Access.

Additionally, employers look for strong communicators, comfortable with not only analytics but being able to present these to a range of stakeholders to guide business critical decisions.

“The best HR analysts can come from a range of backgrounds, however we find those who can communicate and engage with the business are those being snapped most quickly by the best employers as well as those receiving premium salaries,” says Colin Loth, Director of HR Recruitment at Robert Walters.

Top three attributes

Employers looking to hire an MI, Data or HR Analyst will typically value technical expertise more so than generalist experience. 

  • Analytical mindset - You should be naturally analytical in order to manipulate and translate a large volume of MI and Data in to meaningful solutions.
  • Systems analysis - You will need to be able to quickly understand how databases, systems and processes work, always seeking to improve efficiencies as well as making the most of the information available.
  • Attention to detail - As an Analyst, it’s vital that you’re able to not only assess high level trends but identify the smaller issues which can potentially make a large commercial impact on the business.

Top three technical skills

  • MI and Data management - Strong operational capabilities across the Microsoft office suite and MI applications are a must. Database experience can include Excel, Access and Visio. SQL experience can also be particularly sought after in roles where a high volume of data manipulation and analysis is involved.
  • Systems management - Understanding of how to navigate and maximise the use of HR systems is crucial.
  • Qualifications - Employers will want to know that you have strong technical capabilities to match your commercial mindset. For employers, holding a degree associated with HR, Business or Analysis is crucial, while a CIPD qualification is also highly preferred.

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