The truth about outsourcing cyber security

With the continued rise in cyber attacks, companies are considering all options to help boost cyber security. In a series of Cyber Security Seminars, held across the UK by Robert Walters, professionals across the industry discussed many ways to strengthen cyber security including outsourcing your cyber security needs to a specialised organisation.

Here we look at some of the benefits of outsourcing cyber security. 

Companies tend to look at outsourcing as an option for cyber security for two main reasons:

  • Too busy
  • Too inexperienced

Cyber security is not a priority

Cyber security is rarely a company's primary focus - and in today's fast moving business world companies are too busy to stop and create an effective plan. Outsourcing allows a company to focus resources on other activities. Outsourcing lets businesses get on with that they want to do, which is to make money

Skills shortages in employees

Another benefit to outsourcing is the experience that comes with hiring a cyber security focussed firm. Many companies are finding the current skills shortage extends to cyber security professionals and they do not have enough experienced staff to effectively stop a cyber attack. Outsourcing means they do not have to worry about recruiting a fully-skilled experienced team. 

Many companies find they can manage with a smaller team that work alongside the outsourcing company - managing profile and budget - but the hard work is shifted to the outsourcing business. 

"It means companies can keep ownership of all of their information, but outsource the work to those with the specialist skills," Andrew Hague - Managing Director, Secarma.

"[Outsourcing] lets businesses get on with that they want to do, which is to make money. If you outsource effectively, it could work quite well," Haroon Malik - Managing Consultant,  NCC Group

Read more information on cyber security and the other topics discussed at the seminars here.

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