Call for financial transparency drives tax vacancies up 8%

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The latest Robert Walters UK Jobs Index has shown that advertised vacancies for tax professionals rose by 8% across the UK in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year. 

Increased scrutiny over tax payments by large corporations is making transparency regarding tax processes a priority for firms with well known brands. 

As a result, demand has risen for tax professionals who can provide strategic insights to ensure businesses are fully compliant and provide transparency in their tax records.

Tax professionals in demand

Employers are coming to recognise the pivotal role tax professionals can play in maintaining the reputation and integrity of a brand.

“In light of several major firms recently being hit with heavy fines over tax practices, businesses are making it a high priority to attract and retain highly skilled tax professionals who can ensure that they are compliant with regulations,” said Rob McKay, Manager for tax recruitment. 

Key skills sought after

With media stories questioning the legitimacy of tax efficient strategies dominating headlines, legislators and regulatory bodies are being forced to prioritise the issue.

"Professionals with experience in tax compliance and reporting are highly sought after.” 

As a consequence, tax professionals are likely to see demand for their skills remain high for the foreseeable future.

“Tax transparency is an increasingly high priority, particularly for companies with a strong public profile," McKay continued.

“Businesses are aware that, given the huge impact in terms of reputation that evidence of tax evasion can have, recruiting top tax professionals is a sensible long term investment.”

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