Almost 80% of HR professionals want to change jobs

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Our pay and bonuses survey of HR professionals shows that almost four out of every five (78%) would like to switch jobs, with most looking to move in the next three months.

We also found that fewer than half of HR professionals (47%) received a pay rise in the last year, and of those who did, most received a modest salary increase. 

Improved job or stability was the main reason for a planned move for 18% of respondents and a better work/life balance prompting 14% to look elsewhere.

Keen to Change Roles

Only 22% of HR professionals we spoke to were not looking for a new job, with two thirds (67%) keen to take on a new role within a year and most (40%) saying they would like to find a new job within three months. Career progression was the main reason why professionals wanted a new job, with 48% saying this was their motivating factor, although 22% said they were keen to move for a pay rise or a better compensation package.

Improved stability or job was the main reason for a planned move. 

Pay Rises Awarded

Over half of HR professionals (47%) did not receive a salary increase and those who did tended to receive modest pay rises. Most (24%) received between one and three per cent of their pay, with the remaining 23% receiving a higher increase. Of that 23%, 16% of HR professionals we spoke to were paid between 7-10% extra and only 6% received a larger pay rise.

Bonuses Received

A slightly lower percentage (42%) received a bonus than were given a pay rise, and over a quarter (27%) received a bonus of up to ten per cent of their salary. There’s slightly more optimism about who may receive a bonus next year, with 46% of respondents telling us they anticipate being paid a bonus in 2013.

Variations by Region and Gender 

HR professionals working in the Midlands were the least likely to receive either a pay rise or a bonus. Over a third (39%) received a pay rise in 2012, compared to just over half (51%) of HR professionals working in London and 54% of those in the North West.

A higher number of female professionals (52%) received a pay rise than their male counterparts (37%).

The regional picture was repeated for bonuses, with HR professionals in the Midlands least likely to receive a bonus in 2012; just 30% of professionals in the Midlands received one, compared to 44% in the North West and 49% of those working in London.

The gender divide reversed compared to salary increases, with a bigger percentage of male (49%) than female HR professionals (41%) receiving a bonus.

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