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Optiver is a global technology-based trading firm. We provide liquidity to the markets by trading in thousands of financial instruments on over 50 exchanges around the world. Our infrastructure is a combination of 10,000 highly customized components and 600 different applications running on 1500 servers distributed globally.

We engineer high performance, low latency trading systems that enable us to respond rapidly to the changes in the market. Our systems must respond to market events in nanoseconds as we automatically price large, diverse sets of financial instruments with extremely low error tolerance.

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We continually refine, store, and analyse terabytes of data produced by market activity. Therefore our trading systems so our systems have to be fast, reliable and precise; our user interfaces must present coherent, responsive real-time visualizations of market activity; our core parts of systems must provide a stable, performant and the trusted foundation on which our systems are built.

Engineering is at the core of our trading strategies. As an engineer at Optiver, you could be working on a change to a trading system in the morning and see it running live in the afternoon. You will be collaborating with our trading and researchers to solving complex problems, and then developing proprietary software that provides immediate results and direct impact. Our engineers focus on finding the simplest, cleanest solutions and optimizing them.

Since trading on the floor changed to screen-based trading, we constantly need the most advanced technology, trading software and connections to the market. The atmosphere we are working in is fast and exciting. This makes Tech awt Optiver a great challenge whereby expertise, innovation and fun go hand in hand every day.

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