About the Awards

tech professionals reviewing 2018 Tech Award's categories

The 2018 West Midlands Tech Awards are taking place on Thursday 13th December 2018. The awards are organised by The Birmingham Post to help recognise digital excellence in the West Midlands. 

There are twelve categories designed to highlight the key areas of growth and development in the West Midlands digital industry. The awards reflect the wide scope of skills being employed in the West Midlands, whether that be technological development or digital delivery.

The awards will allow relatively mature companies to show off their work as well as highlight the important embryonic work being carried out by imaginative companies and individuals. You may enter as many categories as you wish and multiple entries are permitted for different projects. The closing date for entries is Friday 26th October 2018. 

2018 Award Categories

  • Digital start up of the Year
To celebrate digitally based enterprises younger than two years old. The winner will be bringing something new to the market - a product, a service, and a new approach or all three, with a funding cycle and growth trajectory that marks it out for a great future.
  • Digital Investor of the Year 
We’re looking for anyone from an angel investor to an institution that is showing faith in the region’s digital entrepreneurs and has a track record of supporting and growing successful digital businesses.
  • Digital Business of the Year 
Established enterprises (2yrs +) that are wholly digitally based that can demonstrate growth, continued innovation and a solid plan for the future.
  • Innovation in Education 
Individuals or organisations using cutting edge digital approaches to enhance or even revolutionise the learning experience in schools, colleges, universities and beyond.
  • Innovation in Manufacturing 
Manufacturing remains the lifeblood of the region, but it’s a world away from the smokestacks of old. We’ll find the businesses that have used digital innovation to bring new products to market and reinvent the West Midlands as a global hotspot of advanced manufacturing.
  • Innovation in Public Services 
Public bodies using digital innovation to improve access to public services and the quality of the experience for their users. From bin collections to public health, who are this region’s public sector digital leaders?
  • Innovation in Medicine & Health 
The West Midlands is a hub of the life sciences and research in modern medicine and healthcare. We will celebrate the very best in this vital field of endeavour.
  • Innovation in Marketing & Advertising 
The region has hundreds of marketing and ad agencies running millions of pounds-worth of media accounts. Who are the outstanding creatives and media experts who can cut through the digital noise to get their clients’ messages through?
  • Innovation in Arts & Culture 
From using digital media to create entirely new sounds and images to exploiting social media platforms to spread the word, artists have risen to the challenge in the UK’s youngest population. We will find and celebrate the very best.
  • E-Commerce Site of the Year 
Who are the online retailers or B2B vendors whose sites are impossible to leave without clicking ‘add to basket’? The science, art and psychology of online commerce is celebrated in this category.
  • Digital Young Person of the Year 
Whether an entrepreneur, coder, artist or communicator, one of the region’s brightest sparks will be crowned Digital Young Person of the Year. We don’t know exactly what we’re looking for, but we’ll know it when we see it!
  • The West Midlands Woman in Tech Award 
The digital and tech sectors might be booming, but there’s a time bomb just around the corner. Only 17% of people working in tech are women, and only 7% of A-level computer studies students are girls. This category will highlight the awesome contribution of this region’s women in tech, and tell their stories to inspire a new generation.

Applications/nominations for the Birmingham Post's 2018 West Midlands Tech Awards are now open.

The closing date for entries is Friday 26th October 2018


2018 Awards Key Dates

  • Friday 26th October - Closing date for entries
  • Thursday 1st November - Judging Day
  • Monday 5th November - Finalists Announced
  • Thursday 13th December - West Midlands Tech Awards 2018 Event Date
  • Friday 14th December - Birmingham Post Awards Coverage Online


Contact us for information on the 2018 awards and how you can be involved.