About Us


At Vendigital, our values are more than just words on a page; we hold ourselves accountable for working towards them at all times, both with clients and internally.

Our Values drive our culture and the successful relationships we have built with our clients over the years.

We are excited about the new opportunities available and look foward to build a solid team of people that are also keen on following our strong brand values:

We actively encourage breakthrough thinking.

We are passionate about our business and helping our clients to transform theirs.

We strive for excellence and go the extra mile for clients and colleagues.

We hope to inspire ourselves and others to develop and to take the responsibility for making change work.

We are committed to success by working with integrity and empathy for others.

Everything we do underpins clients’ commercial success through deep understanding, developing effective strategies and then working to execute them; we use our expertise to get to grips with the ways in which clients manage cost, supply, innovation, sourcing and procurement and aligning them to the things you want to achieve.

We believe in the power of practical, real life solutions.That’s why you won’t find us stopping at the ‘analysis’ stage but working with clients to effect real change and deliver benefits to the top and bottom lines. The Vendigital approach is energetic and committed to innovation, excellence and the pursuit of best practice.

From office locations in Europe, America and Asia Vendigital’s team of procurement and supply chain specialists work with businesses to implement practical solutions.

To find out more about the exciting opportunities available at Vendigital, please contact us