Managing rising workloads

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As the role of IT departments continues to broaden, 77% of hiring managers surveyed in the recent Technology & Recruitment - The Landscape for 2017 survey by Jobsite and Robert Walters, said they expect to see the workloads for their team increase in 2017. 

IT managers are planning to make use of contractors, increase permanent headcount and outsource to consultancies to manage this growing workload. We speak with technology specialists about each option and the benefits they can offer your company.

Benefits of contractors

Contractors can provide key skills during times of change, large migrations and big projects that may not be needed year-round.

On-boarding contractors is a key way to fill a skills gap within the company while looking for the ideal permanent employee or to help with large projects. Hiring contractors allows you to bring the needed skills into the company for a short time, without the long term financial commitment of growing your technology team.

Hiring contractors can also be a quicker and more efficient way to increase your team's skill profile as frequently temporary staff can begin work quicker, and take less HR resources to onboard.  

Nearly 40% of those surveyed said they would hire contractors to combat increased workloads amongst their teams. 

Graham Hill, Head of IT Strategy & Architecture at Wesleyan, commented on this. These days you have to move away from thinking in terms of permanent or contract resources. All skilled people want to bring their knowledge into your organisation, even if temporarily

"Frequently recruitment companies can manage your contractors. We use this option for large capacity projects. You can obtain the temporary skills you need and then lean on recruiters for more than just finding the CVs, making the whole process stress free."

Growing through permanent staff

Although there are several positives to hiring temporary contract workers, many companies choose to grow by increasing their permanent headcount. 

Permanent headcount can ensure your employees understand the business and the long-term goals rather than just the project at hand. Permanent employees will more frequently understand how the projects they are working on fit into a business's mission and strategic vision. 

E.ON's Head of Business Technology Tim Hargest stated, "These days you have to move away from thinking in terms of permanent or contract resources. All skilled people want to bring their knowledge into your organisation, even if temporarily."

"However, saying that, contractors can be less tolerant of what they don't like within an organisation, whereas permanent employees usually have more intrinsic loyalty to a company."

Outsourcing to consultancies

With Cloud, security, and infrastructure consultancy companies on the rise it is easier than ever to outsource some or all of your technology functions to a consultancy.

By outsourcing to a specialist company you can save internal labour costs, quickly implement new technology and reduce your company's risk.

Outsourcing is particularly beneficial for SME businesses who do not have the resources to use the technology or hire professionals with the expertise that larger companies do. 

Nearly one third of those surveyed said if faced with an increased workload this year outsourcing will be their first option. 

Learn more and download a copy of Technology & Recruitment - The Landscape For 2017 to view the full survey results.

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