Exciting advances in technology

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The tech industry is more exciting than ever.

There are inspiring and innovative companies working hard to bring new technologies to drive economic growth, create better work life balance, enhance entertainment and streamline consumer experiences, among other things.

At a recent panel event, hosted by Jobsite and Robert Walters, we spoke with some influential senior professionals to see what technologies they are excited about, and which ones they don’t think quite make the cut.

Visualisation technology

For so long virtual reality and visualisation technology has been primarily used for gaming and corporate use. But now more companies are embracing it to make it more commercial and help promote their goods and services.

Jon Cleaver, CTO of Sofology explains, “In our stores we can only display so much product - but we have about 250,000 SKUs. Visualisation technology from a customer’s point of view is extremely important because it will allow people to see our products, at scale in their own homes.”

“As mobile technology continues to improve we will be able to understand 3D space from a consumer point of view and this will change things, all while not making you nauseous like virtual reality can do now”

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation is another technology coporates are currently embracing and developing further. Where before robotic automation was primarily seen in manufacturing it is now being rolled out in leisure services, security, FMCG and customer service.

Currently, the phrase "robotic process automation" is used to refer to the use of computer software that automates rule-based processes within a cimputer system, without the need for constant human supervision.

“We are seeing this now already in many companies. Automation around bots is also important, to reduce costs to consumers and overall operational costs,” Jon continued. 

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology, particularly in its use with Bitcoin, is an example of an exciting technology that may have already outgrown its usefulness. 

"There are various uses for blockchain technology and they all rely on the fact that we have strong encryption." shared Graham Hill, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture at Wesleyan. 

He continued, "How long is that going to be around for? If you look at some of the newer technologies that are coming around, in terms of quantum computing, etc ... [they] are going to be insecure moving forward so you need to think about where you apply things like blockchain."

"Is it great as a currency? It might be in the short term but... there is going to be a horizon where Bitcoin can be broken and [people] will start thinking about how you can hack into it."

Endless possibilities

"Technology is moving so quickly that no one can truly predict the future, but what that means is that everyone is empowered to create that future. Focus on what you're doing now to help create that future. So may great things are coming up - holograms were once a futuristic technology and now has been made reality in medical and high-level corporate consumerism. Things like the IOT, Internet of Things, and predictive technology are also exciting." said James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft. 

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