Is BYOD the future of technology?

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Many companies are starting to embrace a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) mentality.

At a recent panel event, co-hosted by Jobsite and Robert Walters, we spoke with senior leaders in technology to get their thoughts on the ‘bring your own’ trend and how it fits in with the future of the technology industry.

Cost efficiency

In the past the idea of BYOD was unheard of. It cost too much to set up an employee’s personal device and presented additional security issues. Now with the way technology, especially the Cloud, has advanced now more companies are choosing to promote BYOD as an economic option. The BYOD frame of thinking helps promote flexible working, and will help you attract staff

Chief Technology Officer at Sofology, Jon Cleaver, said, “Bring your own should be a defacto standard now. Before it was extremely expensive to set people up, but now with cloud services you can pay almost nothing and have as many users as you want on your own technology. It will be industry standard soon.”

Attracts employees

Everyone has their favourite software and devices, especially technology professionals. By giving employees a choice of what tools they can work with, you attract better talent.

Jon continued, “BYOD is great for recruitment. This way you are giving people the right kit and the technology they feel most comfortable with. You’re trusting people to do the work, but on the devices, they know and trust. This is very attractive for technology professionals, as well as enabling them to do their best work.”

Steve Holloway, Executive Partner at Gartner, agreed, “At Gartner we are a technology independent company so we offer all employees the freedom of choice. It is complete autonomy for our staff, which new employees like. Our staff produce equal quality work by working on something we provide, or choosing their operating system or modern smartphone and use it for both their work and personal use.”

Mobile workers

The BYOD frame of thinking helps promote flexible working. Employees who are not constrained working at a desktop are able to work throughout their day easier than ever before. Allowing employees to bring their own device into the office only bolsters this.

James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft, expands on this, “By worrying about a BYOD set up, a company is highlighting that they still have a limited belief on what technology can achieve. They're still thinking in terms of infrastructure, and staff being physically connected. The Cloud has altered this, and successful companies will realise this is the future of technology.”

“[At Microsoft] we don’t talk about it just being a device that is mobile, but rather it then promotes a mobile experience. Staff are able to progress work without having to be in the office. ”

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