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Key tech professionals in demand

47% of senior IT professionals expect hiring volumes to increase, spurred on by the growth of small digital start-ups and a need for information security. Find out which areas will see the highest growth.

Managing rising workloads

Hiring contractors, increasing permanent headcount and outsourcing key processes are all effective ways to manage rising workloads. We look at each option and discuss the benefits they offer your company.

Staff retention key to growth

Providing training and flexible working ensures that staff are available and trained to fill leadership roles. Here are some of the key factors to help you retain staff and promote growth in your company.

Attract top tech professionals

Four key factors senior technology professionals consider most important to attract professionals to their business. Understanding these will help you stay competitive in today's market.

Great ways to upskill your staff

Employers recognise the benefits of upskilling staff to build strong succession plans. We spoke with industry leaders about why this is important and common ways IT managers can upskilll employees.

Exciting advances in technology

The tech industry is more exciting than ever. We spoke with some influential senior professionals to see what technologies they are excited about, and which one they don’t think quite make the cut.

Is BYOD the future of technology?

We spoke with senior leaders in technology to get their thoughts on the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend and how it fits in with the future of the technology industry.

Challenges in tech recruitment

Demand for IT professionals is going to increase in 2017, making finding key talent crucial. Learn how your company can be better prepared to combat key recruitment challenges throughout the year.

The benefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are re-emerging as an innovative and efficient way to build skill sets in a company. We spoke with James Akrigg, from Microsoft, about apprenticeships and their benefits.