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Learn how to attract and retain top tech talent 

The tech and digital industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the UK, with demand for IT professionals rapidly growing to support startup and SME businesses, as well as providing vital in-house functions for larger firms. In this climate, IT professionals are highly sought after and employers need to compete to secure top talent.

Robert Walters partnered with totaljobs and Jobsite, surveying over 550 technology professionals across the UK to gain insight into key technology skills in demand, where skills gaps are experienced across the sector and innovative recruitment strategies to combat the skills gap.

The research will cover:

  • Shortages in the technology sector
  • Competing on a global scale
  • Challenges for technology recruitment
  • Managing rising workloads
  • Combatting skills shortages
  • Creating a sustainable talent pipeline
  • Tips to hire and retain top tech talent


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