How are jobseekers looking for new roles?

Man looking for new roles on tablet, standing outside in beige jacket

In the new Solving the UK Skills Shortage research, nearly half of candidates highlighted a frustration with recruitment processes taking too long.

Interestingly over a third highlighted that they couldn't find a company they wanted to work with.

This shows that businesses need to do more in their attraction strategies and be more proactive and innovative around advertising and selling the benefits of working for their company.

Below we highlight the top ways jobseekers are looking for new roles. Integrating a mixture of these strategies into your company's recruitment plan will help you stand out against competitors and attract the best passive and active jobseekers to your roles. 

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  • Using online job boards - 75%
    Make sure you are advertising a good assortment of your available roles, and where possible advertise with your company logo and branding. Branded advertisement always attract higher quality candidates.

  • Partnering with a recruitment agency - 72%
    Recruitment agencies can help streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective, ensuring you secure the best candidates before a competitor. 

  • Searching for roles through LinkedIn - 59%
    59% of professionals said they would use LinkedIn to find a new job. LinkedIn can be useful for advertising roles as well as research candidates

  • Searching for roles that use transferable skills - 57%
    Over half of professionals will look for roles outside of their industry - that use transferable skills. By promoting roles that use transferable skills you can attract candidates outside of the normal candidate pool. Learn more

  • Working in a temporary or contract position - 46%
    Many professionals will consider taking a temporary or contract position while looking for permanent work. Consider hiring interim professionals to manage workload while you look for a permanent employee. Temporary contracts are also a great way to trial new employees while deciding if they are the right fit for your company. 

  • Searching for roles on alternative social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc) - 20%
    Social media is becoming a more prominent tool in business for communicating with potential employees. Thinking outside of the box, and highlighting any available roles, or perks of working for your business, on social media will help you reach both active and passive job seekers - increasing your chance of finding top tier professionals. 


Robert Walters partnered with totaljobs and Jobsite to survey over 5,000 professionals across the UK to gain insight into key shortage trends, the potential impact of Brexit in a global market, changing candidate expectations, individual industry analysis and innovative recruitment strategies to combat skills gaps.

Download your copy of the research today.