How to make a nomination

women celebrating at the manchester pa of the year awards in front of media board

The application process for the awards is an easy four step process. The applications/nominations for 2017 are now closed but we look forward to receiving nominations for the 2018 awards.

Further details will be available in early 2018. 



Application/Nomination Process

1. Short Online Application

Nominations for the awards are initially made through a short online applicationabout the nominee's role and why they deserve to be Manchester's PA of the Year. Ideally your boss or line manager will nominate you, although we will accept nominations from other colleagues or from yourself.

Applications/nominations are now closed. If you have any questions about 2018 applications/nomination please contact

2. Coffee and a Catch Up

Applicants will then be contacted to schedule an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your application. 

In many cases this will be a short meeting over a coffee, where we can discuss some of the reasons you've been nominated and your achievements in your role, although where suitable we can discuss this over the phone.

For teams nominated for PA Team of the Year, we can visit your office and meet with the whole team or you can choose to send a representative for the team for the coffee & catch up. 

3. Endorsement

All applicants need to be endorsed to be considered for the awards. We will contact your boss, or a member of the HR team at your current company, to supply a brief endorsement. This can be a short face-to-face meeting, or phone call.

4. Shortlist interviews

Once the shortlist is announced we will hold panel interviews with all shortlisted finalists. 

Are you as excited for this year's awards as we are? Let us know:


Awards: @McrPAawards, #McrPAawards

Robert Walters: @RobertWaltersPR