IR35 Assessment

contractor taking an IR35 assessment

Robert Walters uses the most comprehensive assesment tool on the market to audit your contractor population - IR35 Comply.

Features of IR35 Comply:

  • IR35 tax status checks on your contractor population
  • Contract analysis for areas such as Mutual Obligation, Control and Substitution
  • Checks for each job title and further assessments for individual contractors when risks are highlighted
  • An IR35 compliance roadmap when risks are identified

Benefits of the service

  1. Accurate assessment tool
  2. Competitive tax losses insurance
  3. Scenario & option modelling
  4. Audit trail in the event of an HRMC challenge
  5. Advice with ongoing job specifications

Contact us 

Robert Walters can help you ensure you are fully prepared for IR35 legislative changes taking effect in April 2020. Contact the team today to benefit from our IR35 Compliance Services.

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