Hiring managers face continued BI skills shortage

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There continues to be a significant shortage of experienced business intelligence (BI) professionals across the UK, the new 2016 BI Half Year Market Update from Robert Walters reveals.

Taken from a survey of over 700 senior BI professionals, the research highlights industry trends, current BI priorities across the UK, the BI recruitment market and predictions for the second half of 2016. 

You can download the full survey here

Managing increasing workloads

With many companies looking to expand and work smarter, BI managers are facing significant workload increases across their teams. 54% of hiring managers stated they would look to hire a contract worker to combat this increased workload, with 33% looking to hire permanent talent.

Despite this, many are finding it hard to source talent with the skills and experience they need. Nearly 60% of those surveyed said their biggest recruitment challenge in the last 12 months is the lack of quality candidates.

This makes it imperative that hiring managers shorten the recruitment process and consider additional benefits to attract and retain top professionals.

BI budgets are stagnant

Nearly 77% of professionals stated they often use BI as an input for decision making yet only one in four spend more than 10% of their budget on it. 

Nearly a third of hiring managers stated their BI budget has not changed from 2015, and almost 10% said their budget had decreased. 

Top BI priorities

BI is an essential tool to aid business expansion and growth. The majority of teams are using BI to create daily dashboards that provide general information about a company, along with assisting in visualisation and analytics. Nearly 60% of those surveyed said their biggest recruitment challenge in the last 12 months was the lack of quality candidates, making it imperative that hiring managers consider additional benefits to attract and retain top professionals.

More people highlighted performance management (10%), big data (11%) and predictive analysis (12%) as their top BI priority than in 2015, while the results show a 6% decrease in reporting and analysis as a priority. 

Microsoft leads vendors

For the second year, Microsoft continues to be the most used BI vendor across the UK with 52% of professionals stating they use it. The next most used vendor is SAP Business Objects (18%), followed by Oracle (14%).

Microsoft is also the most preferred dashboard reporting platform (45%). 

Predicted BI trends for the remainder of the year

  • Self service BI - Business users and analysts have more access to self-service tools to prepare and utilise data
  • Mobile BI - The mobile economy demands that services be equipped to handle continuous geographic changes 
  • Cloud BI - Customers want access to data in a simple, adaptable and accessible format
  • Advanced Analytics - The simplification of BI has enabled advanced analytics and data discovery to be placed in the hands of everyday business people
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