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Credit control teams are an essential part of any successful business, maintaining steady cash flow and ensuring the organisation remains solvent. That makes finding the right people for your credit team essential.

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Fast track your career

Are you a credit control professional ready to take the step to manager?

Our credit control experts identify five key elements you need to become a credit control manager.

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Key insights

How can you get your credit control team to deliver exceptional results? An effective credit control function is vital to the success of any business. Our experts share 4 steps to building a first-class credit control team.

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Credit management recruitment specialists

Credit control is a specialist area of finance, one that is absolutely vital to an organisation’s success..

However, while business leaders are broadly aware of the importance of credit control functions, their visibility within companies and to other teams is often limited.

This is why Robert Walters has created this research paper: to explore the challenges credit control managers face and the recruitment strategies they can use to address them. 

By applying these insights we aim to offer exceptional service to our clients by identifying and sourcing outstanding professionals who can excel in a career in credit control.

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Insight from credit managers

The whitepaper includes insights from credit managers who are leaders in their field, sharing some of the successful strategies they have employed to secure the best people for their business and the right outcomes for their business.

The whitepaper also covers:

  • The importance of credit control
  • Challenges for credit controllers
  • Finding the right skill set
  • How you can maximise contractors in the credit control function
  • Setting salary expectations.

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