Interview with Helen O'Doherty - UX/UI Manager

wiggle cyclists at the finish end of a race

Wiggle has always taken pride in being more than just a retailer; they work with brands, individuals and of course customers; to develop the best range, delivery and services in the tri-sports market place.

They have always believed in being the kind of company that they’d want to deal with as customers, and this carries over into how they value their employees.

We spoke with Helen O’Doherty, UX/UI Manager, about her career, her experience with Wiggle and where she sees the team growing in the next few years.  

What brought you to Wiggle?

Helen started her career in interface development while working in London, where she lived for over 10 years.

“I worked with some amazing agencies including Coca-Cola, Just Giving, Unilever and Marks & Spencer and really enjoyed my career, but eventually I wanted a better work-life balance without sacrificing the type of company I worked for or the work I was doing.”

After choosing to move outside of the City, Helen began looking for a company who that could match her career goals, which wasn’t necessarily an easy task.

“Wiggle offers an excellent opportunity to experience true global e-commerce. You don’t find many companies outside of London that can offer that.”

What makes Wiggle a great employer?

“Firstly, the teamwork. Our team is really close and we work well together. We have a team of passionate creatives that like driving projects forward and enjoy the work we do.”

“Secondly, Wiggle offers excellent benefits including a staff discount, a cycle to work scheme and my favourite - a monthly team sports afternoon.”

“As a sports-orientated business this is always encouraged in employees. Teams can take one afternoon off a month to do organised sports together. Teams will do anything from organised runs, to swimming to have badminton tournaments. It is an excellent employee wellbeing initiative, and also encourages constant team building.”

“As well, we are extremely user centric which makes us stand out from other employers. We spend a lot of time looking at the customer experience so that we know our customers are getting the best service. We have a global focus, and innovative technology underpins all that we do - from workshops to user research, we look at the full experience and take pride in every touch point we have with customers and brands. Wiggle offers an excellent opportunity to experience true global e-commerce. You don’t find many companies outside of London that can offer that

“Finally, we also strongly support personal and professional development in employees. We encourage you to look for opportunities to upskill so that your role and responsibilities can keep expanding.

Tell us about the future of the UX/UI team

“Our main focus in the next coming years in growth, and supporting the business in its broader strategy of creating a global e-commerce champion in the cycling and tri-sports markets. “

“This growth is a very exciting time for the UX/UI team because we ensure a smooth experience for anyone who comes into contact with the brand, and will continue to manage this as the brand continues to grow and grow.”

What are you looking for in employees who join your team?

“Great communication skills and a solid and practised skill set in your area are very important. Ultimately though, we want people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the brand, and driving a successful global UX strategy.”

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