Why choose Vita?

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Discover your potential with Vita

Being part of the Vita team allows you to make a real impact – fast. We seize new opportunities and have the resources and ability to turn opportunities into realities in a world-beating short period of time. This means you will be involved in the entire process from initial idea, to research and development, to product launch. In many companies, it can take years to see progress: in Vita we accelerate our innovation processes so that new products can be developed, tested for performance, suitability and safety in a matter of months!

Finance team

Our finance team provides the business intelligence that is foundational to everything that Vita does. We are always seeking individuals who can identify patterns, make connections and enable Vita to grow.

Be inspired

Whether you are excited about working in an innovative fast paced commercial environment, or pushing at the edges of polymer science, read on to be inspired by what you can achieve when you work for Vita.

What Vita offer:

  • We have a wealth of opportunities across all different career levels in 17 countries.
  • We offer training, development and career-growth opportunities
  • We have a welcoming culture where diversity is celebrated
  • We offer an environment where each person is valued
  • We are at the cutting edge of innovation, meaning we are always growing and adapting
  • We are passionate about sustainability, and committed on enhancing everyday life

It really is no surprise that we have a loyal, long standing workforce where many people join and have a career for life.

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