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About Optiver

Optiver is a proprietary trading firm with nine locations across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Powered by technological might and guided by intellectual rigor, we trade our own money, at our own risk for our own reward. But not solely for our own benefit.

By offering competitive, two-sided prices to buyers and sellers, we provide liquidity and inject stability into the world’s financial markets. That’s good for all market participants, from financial pros to the pensioner next door. And as our 35+ year track record of profitability indicates, it’s also quite good for business.

As we undergo rapid expansion across our territories, Optiver has partnered with Robert Walters to hire exceptional internal recruitment professionals to join their Sydney operation to support its talent expansion strategy.

With a full relocation package on offer (including family cover), this is an ideal opportunity for recruitment professionals considering making the move back to Australia.

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At Optiver, we approach our work with intensity. But we do so in an atmosphere that’s informal and collaborative. And we are constantly inspired by one another, with a keen understanding that excellence is a team sport. This is evident in our:

  • Senior staff’s commitment to mentorship and guidance as you progress in your career
  • Ethos of internal collaboration and external competition—when the firm does well, we all do well
  • Organization-wide commitment to excellence and non-stop improvement
  • Facilitation of global transfer opportunities between offices

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Thomas Mullin

Account Manager for Optiver at Robert Walters

Tel: +44 203 036 6566