About KidsLoop

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Our vision is to transform early years education by providing the tools and asset libraries to digitize content, collect data, and make a personalized learning path for every student. KidsLoop is a dynamic, all-in-one education ecosystem that combines CLMS with interactive activities for use in a traditional or online classroom to create a fully immersive learning experience. We empower educators by giving them dynamic tools to digitize their curriculum and create interesting and interactive classwork and home study. Our own curriculum, Badanamu, is also available through the KidsLoop platform to teach according to our lesson plans, or use as a supplement to your own curriculum.

Introducing KidsLoop


What we do

Using machine learning algorithms, we are analyzing learning data to inform educational methods. The data dashboard gives educators valuable insights into their students’ progress so that they can adjust lessons and assign supplemental exercises to fit an individual's needs. Learner tracking and analysis tools offer an in-depth look at students’ development. Milestones help educators align their curriculum to top industry standards to map student progress and development.

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