What it's like to work for FLEETCOR and epyx?

Sean Walters, Head of Development and Engineering

I have been with FLEETCOR for 5 months, so still the new on the block.  The office environment is vibrant, each day is different and I really enjoy the dynamics of the projects and the people I work with. The drive for me is ownership of the work I deliver, and the fast feedback loops I receive from our stakeholders.

FLEETCOR is a very family orientated organisation providing the flexibility that a modern life demands, ensuring that all of its employees maintain a healthy work life balance.

Harvinder Parhar, Software Engineer

I have been working for FLEETCOR for  more than 2 years now. I joined as a Junior Developer and have learned so much during this time.

The management have been very supportive right from the start. They showed confidence in me and assigned me to various projects during this time which have helped me to grasp a lot of technical skills in a very short time. 

Overall the working environment is very friendly and open. You are encouraged to openly express your views and work together with the team.

At the same time, you are offered flexibility by working from home as required which has helped me a lot to plan around my young family life.

I am looking forward to continuing working with FLEETCOR to achieve both my and company's goals.

Frank Cheung, Senior Software Engineer

I have been employed with Epyx as a Software Developer for 3 years now and am really enjoying it. The people (including management) are friendly and supportive. The work is varied and challenging, and we all make an effort to use the latest technology stack where feasible. At Epyx they also do a great job of organizing a variety of fun events throughout the year, including free food trucks, sports challenges and summer/xmas parties. I would heartily recommend the company to anyone without hesitation.

Alisa Bagrova, Graduate Software Engineer

Epyx is an incredible place to work at – you get tons of support from your colleagues which allows you to grow, be creative, and speak up when things aren’t going well. There is always something interesting and challenging to do.

I love the fact that even people at the most senior level are very relaxed and always ready to help. People at Epyx have made an enormous difference in both my professional and personal life, as I have achieved things I never thought I would.