About Autocab

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Having sold their first system in 1991, Autocab has grown to become the largest supplier of taxi systems in the world today and as of 2021, we are part of the Uber family, with Uber’s acquisition of the business going through in 2021.

Our bespoke cloud-based SaaS solutions help power over 550 companies across the world. Over 30 years of taxi company-inspired features have been built into our system to ensure it is the best booking & dispatch system on the market and with a vast market share in the UK.

Headquartered in Manchester, UK our customers are located all over the world. In addition to our flagship product Ghost, we have since broadened our range of services to include taxi company branded apps, analytics, bespoke phone systems as well as a range of web and social media solutions for private hire taxi, limousine and ground transportation companies of all sizes.

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iGo is the UK’s largest network of taxi and private hire operators – and now includes operators from over 30 countries around the world! When you join the iGo network, you can send and receive jobs across the UK and the world, helping you compete with apps such as Uber, MyTaxi and Lyft. iGo transforms a business from a local taxi firm to a global booking platform.

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