The legal technology jobs market: Who is in demand?

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The jobs market for technology lawyers is strong and there are some excellent opportunities available. Are you in demand? This Q&A contains all the information you need to know.




What are firms looking for?

Firms are recruiting in this area and there are a significant amount of vacancies available. We are seeing most activity at the two to six years’ PQE level. Lawyers with outsourcing, e-commerce and data protection skills are particularly sought-after.

Are there any in-house opportunities?

Due to growth in technology, media and telecommunications businesses, this is where we are seeing most in-house opportunities at the moment.

Most opportunities are in London - specifically the West End, which is home to a number of social media and online gaming specialists.

Where are the best opportunities for IT lawyers?

Most opportunities are in London - specifically the West End, which is home to a number of social media and online gaming specialists. The government-backed Tech City initiative is likely to lead to more jobs in the East London over the next few years.

But there are also openings on the outskirts of West London, stretching out along the M4 corridor to places such as Reading and Newbury and south to towns such as Guildford. Most demand is from large company HQs located in these areas.

Are there better opportunities elsewhere in Europe? Or further afield?

Outside of the UK, we’ve seen large e-commerce businesses, such as eBay, relocate to Switzerland. This is creating some demand specialist IT lawyers. A number of social media and internet-based businesses are also located in Dublin, so we see some activity in Ireland.

Are there any kinds of additional IT qualifications/experience that firms particularly value?

Employers do not generally look for extra qualifications for these roles. But you’ll typically need general commercial and contracts experience because these roles normally involve a lot of agreement work (specifically around joint ventures and licensing). Where specific experience is required (i.e. digital payments and online gaming/gambling), you may be considered from an in-house background.

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