Secretarial and support jobs up 32% year on year

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The latest Robert Walters UK Jobs Index has revealed that job vacancies for business support professionals rose by 32% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same time last year.

Executive and team assistant roles formed a significant percentage of the number of roles advertised, accounting for 10% overall.

“The growing demand for business support professionals is a very encouraging sign, indicating that businesses are looking to grow and, as a result, are looking to take on business support professionals who can facilitate this expansion,” commented Gill Owen, Manager at Robert Walters. 

“After a slowdown in hiring during the second half of 2016, employers are now looking to grow again, and highly skilled and experienced business support professionals are a vital component of this.”

Team and executive assistants highly sought after

Team assistants and executive assistants have been particularly highly sought after. Experienced professionals with the capacity to take on aspects of project management within their role and manage the needs of multiple stakeholders are in notably high demand.

“As investment rises and firms look to expand, finding highly skilled business support professionals is becoming an increasingly high priority for employers,” added Gill Owen.

“Team assistants and executive assistants are able to play a vital role in ensuring growth is sustainable, providing logistical support for growing teams and taking on project management responsibilities to ensure internal administrative processes operate efficiently.”

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