Hiring trends for operations professionals

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Investment management operations hiring increased in the second quarter of the year, and prospects for operations professionals in the second half of the year are expected to remain stong. 

Larger asset managers and third party providers continue to look for professionals for traditional fund operations roles such as client reporting, fund accounting, portfolio administration and transfer agency. 

“We anticipate recruitment over the second half of the year to remain consistent with the start of 2016, with the uncertainty of the implications of leaving the EU containing recruitment levels in some areas, while driving hiring in other areas,” said Liz McKeever, Manager at Robert Walters.

Key skills in demand

Candidates with experience across both trading operations and fund operations remain in demand. Professionals at the analyst level within investment banking operations, with strong academics and potential for career development also continue to be highly sought after by boutique fund managers for trade support related roles.

With the implementation of new regulations over the last three years we have seen a number of roles generated, for example, client money (CASS) remains an area of focus.

A push to find the highest quality candidates for roles based on producing and rationalising data is also in evidence.

There has also been an increase in demand for candidates within the data space across asset managers and custodians. This has also seen an increase in recruitment by data providers and fintech firms. A push for the highest quality candidates to fill roles based on producing and rationalising data has been highly sought after.

“Employers are recognising the need to approach passive job seekers and taking a more strategic approach when recruiting, focusing on the broader skills and potential of candidates,” continued McKeever.

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