Marketing professionals hardest working

marketing professionals going to work

More than eight in ten marketing professionals believe their work is key to their business’s success, according to our latest job trends survey. 

Our Career Insights Survey reveals that 84% of all marketing professionals feel their achievements have an impact on broader business success. Fewer risk professionals (69%), banking professionals (68%), lawyers (65%) and accountants (66%) felt the same way.

Working weekends

24% of marketers work more than 50 hours a week and 27% say they often work on weekends.

The survey also reveals that marketing professionals are among the hardest working, with 27% working either ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ on weekends. James Murray, Associate Director at Robert Walters, says:

“With marketing often perceived by non-marketers as a support function, the results say a lot about how marketing professionals are valued by and within their businesses. In these challenging times, the value of marketing as a function in retaining and attracting new business is absolutely essential.”

He continues: “Employers are really looking for people who can add discernible value to the bottom line. When applying for jobs, you should really try to focus on how you have done this both on your CV and at interview.”

What motivates marketers?

Our career insight survey found that 30% of marketers believe that they should change jobs every one to three years. This may be be in order to move to the the next stage of the career ladder as 65% of marketing professionals say a lack of career progression would be most likely to result in them moving jobs.

Highlights from the Career Insights Survey:

  • 24% of marketers work more than 50 hours a week
  • 27% of marketers work either ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ on weekends
  • 48% of marketing professionals think overseas experience is either ‘essential’ or ‘extremely useful’
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