Key digital skills employers look for in marketers

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In a world where online and offline marketing are becoming increasingly integrated, generalist marketers cannot afford to neglect digital marketing skills. Businesses are leveraging developments in technology to reach their target audiences in new and ever-changing ways.

For marketing professionals looking to stand out from the crowd there are four key digital skills generalist marketers should master and demonstrate on their CV.

"Increasingly, we are seeing clients who want us to connect them with digital marketing specialists," commented Nick Allwood, Manager at Robert Walters.

"Professionals who can demonstrate these skill sets in addition to traditional marketing skills are well placed to secure highly coveted positions as employers look to acquire new business in light of the growing economy."


Almost every business has its own web platform that can be accessed through one click.

Marketers are often responsible for keeping company websites updated with fresh content and ensuring new elements enabled, as audiences nowadays are not looking for a static website.

Increasingly, we are seeing clients who want us to connect them with digital marketing specialists.

Social media

The rise in social media channels has made it quicker to connect with target markets in real time.

Marketers should show that they are aware of the ongoing updates that social media platforms make and are confident at how to use the updated tools to target audiences.

Integration of online and offline channels

Implementing an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy has never been more vital. It is unpredictable where consumers will hear about your business or brand.

Marketers must demonstrate their ability to use a mix of online and offline tools when building campaigns

Tools and platforms

New technology is changing the way marketers work. Marketers need to demonstrate that they have experience using a mix of technology tools and platforms for both marketing execution (e.g. email marketing tools, lead nurturing tools, social sharing platforms) and marketing analysis (such as the CMS, CRM or Google Analytics) to best show case their marketing skills.

Showing that you are aware of the tools available to deliver marketing activity and also better understand and improve your results will demonstrate that you are more than just a traditional marketer.

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