Half of financial services workers eat lunch at their desks

Financial service professionals at lunch

If you’re a financial services professional struggling to get out of the office for lunch then you’re not alone.

The Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey has revealed that 53% of financial services professionals eat lunch at their desks, with just a third of respondents leaving the office for lunch.

With pressure on financial services firms to deliver results, it can be tempting to see staff spending more time at their desk as a sign of productivity. However, the negative effects of a culture of long working hours can impact both working professionals and their employers. 

“Increasing pressure on financial services professionals is leaving many without the time in the day to take a proper break for lunch,” said James Murray, Associate Director financial services recruitment at Robert Walters.

“While big projects or busy periods will take place in any job, if it becomes the norm it can be detrimental to the wellbeing and overall productivity of workers.”

Working long hours

Working long hours is one of the top reasons why financial services professionals move jobs.

Over half of financial services professionals (58%) listed a company culture that required long working hours as one of the main reasons they would consider changing jobs, with only a lack of career progression (65%) being a more important factor. 

"Managers need to be wary of professionals forgoing their lunch break becoming the rule rather than the exception"

Managers need to be wary of professionals forgoing their lunch break becoming the rule rather than the exception,” James continued. 

Without this opportunity to take a proper break during the day working professionals are likely to become less productive and morale can easily become strained.

Work life balance

As the demand for skills outstrips supply, employers must remain aware of the importance of work life balance in attracting and retaining staff.

“As work life balance becomes a growing priority for professionals, employers looking to attract top talent will need to consider how they can adapt to offer a better balance to staff,” said James.

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