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Legal professional using mobile

Legal interview questions

With the job market improving are you contemplating moving your legal career? Here we offer some guidance to seasoned professionals.
Account professionals at a networking meeting

Networking for accountants

Accounting professionals need to demonstrate that they bring more to an organisation than just their qualifications and technical skills.
how to succeed in a legal interview

8 key legal interview tips

Jobs interviews are daunting at best, here we look specifically at legal interviews and some handy tips to ease the anxiety and encourage success.
be a technology project manager

Become a technology project manager

With technology playing an ever important role in our lives, the demand for technology specialists remains strong. Here we look at the role of a project manager.
a guide for lawyers on working offshore

Working offshore - a guide for lawyers

With a variety of offshore opportunities available for legal professionals, we discuss the benefits to a career offshore.
head of learning and development

Learning and development jobs

Learning and development is always a popular area of the HR jobs market. But what does a head of learning and development role involve?
How can you attract Millennials

Attracting Millennial professionals

Insights into how businesses can adopt new initiatives to ensure Millennial staff perform at their best and how to encourage them to adapt to the company’s culture.
so you want to be a supply chain manager

Become a Supply Chain Manager

Interested in becoming a supply chain manager? We take a closer look at what's involves, responsibilities, qualifications and earning potential.
researching a company

Preparing for an interview

Preparing for interview can not only help land your dream job, but will also give you the best possible insight for what to expect in the role.