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HR professionals on their way to work

Secure a HR job overseas

Interested in working internationally? We regularly place professionals in overseas positions but there are some things that need to be considered first.
Technology specialist using laptop to job hunt

Technology & job searching

Technology is increasingly becoming more involved in our day-to-day lives. Here we look at several tools you can use to improve your job search.
Executive assistant on her way to work

Life of an executive assistant

Executive Assistant jobs are highly sought after by secretarial professionals. We look at the day-to-day of the job in more detail.
Lead developer meeting

Life of a lead developer

We spoke with a lead developer at a leading international bank to find out what sort of projects, benefits and responsibilities are involved in the role.
Do you have a good work-life balance

Work-life balance

Over half of secretarial and office support staff rate work-life balance as essential to career fulfillment, above remuneration, status or interest in work.
CRM executive using mobile

Life of a CRM executive

Have you ever considered working as a CRM executive? Matt Standen, at SportingBet, talks to us about the responsibility this role brings.
Auditor meeting

5 "C"s for internal auditors

Are your skills what employers are looking for? We identify the top five "C"s internal auditors should have on their CVs.
How to write a successful CV

CV writing tips

Getting your CV right can be the ticket to a job interview. Here we answer some of the most common questions about how to approach creating your CV.
Sales professional using mobile

Becoming a great salesperson

We look at some fundamental qualities and personality traits needed to succeed in being a successful salesperson.