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woman receiving advice on writing a cover letter

Writing a good cover letter

A well written cover letter can be just as important when looking for a job as your CV. We look at some easy tips to help you make a positive impression.
Getting the salary you want

Getting the salary you want

The key to a successful negotiation is being prepared for the discussion before it occurs by having a good idea what you are worth and why.
Negotiate a higher salary

Negotiate a higher salary

Whether you have been in a role for a while or you are being interviewed for a new job, you need to be prepared if asking for a higher salary than is on offer.
Six hot interview questions

Interview questions to ask

It is your chance to establish whether joining a particular company will benefit your career and ultimately, if there is a suitable fit between the two.
Six mistakes to avoid when writing you CV

Six common CV errors

You CV is likely to be the first thing a potential employer sees so it's vital to get it right. We look at six common CV errors and how you can avoid them.
Interview advice

Interview advice

Preparation is the first essential step towards conducting a successful interview. The better prepared you are, the more confident you'll be.
Are you prepared for pre-employment screening?

Are you prepared for pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening in the banking and financial services jobs market is stringent. Here we look at what's involved and how best to prepare.
Should you accept a counter offer?

Accepting a counter offer

Here we look at the factors you should consider when deciding between a new position and a counter offer from your current employer.
How have recruitment processes changed?

The recruitment process

During the economic downturn and subsequent recovery, businesses made major changes to their recruitment processes. Do you have the best interview technique to land your dream job in this new climate?