About Us & Our Corporate Values


As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, ESCADA stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. The brand provides a distinct sense of refined quality, workmanship, and excellent fit and is characterized by color, print, and the love for detail.

The ESCADA Group operates throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. With around 1,100 points of sale, ESCADA is present in 80 countries worldwide.

  • What We Offer?

As a dynamic and innovative international company, we are always interested in new employees who share our values and passion for fashion. Whether you have just finished school or college, or have already worked for several years, we can offer you the chance to become part of our ESCADA team, contribute your experience, develop your skills and drive your career.

  • Job Enjoyment & Benefits

Corporate culture is a matter of give and take. The nature of our industry means that the entire product development cycle – like the subsequent marketing and logistics operations – is subject to seasonal peaks that demand considerable added effort. But not at the expense of employees' enjoyment and job satisfaction.

ESCADA rewards its staff with a range of programs and joint activities. Attractive benefits in the areas of healthcare, salaries and work-family balance round out the employment picture. Our passion for fashion and a creative, dynamic atmosphere make ESCADA a fun place to work.

  • Training & Careers

Employees who stand out by virtue of their commitment and achievements are promoted and assigned more responsibility. After all, people who accomplish a great deal want to make a difference, too.

When vested with sufficient responsibility and decision-making freedom, our staff can demonstrate their entrepreneurial prowess anew each and every day. And they can take advantage of manifold opportunities for advancement, be it on-the-job learning, challenging new roles, interdepartmental projects, dual training programs in marketing and retail, or external opportunities.

ESCADA places a premium on human resource development from within its own ranks, which is why we not only expect a lot from our employees, but also do a lot for them in return.

  • An International Presence

ESCADA is a premier global player in the fashion segment. We sell our collections in more than 80 countries around the world and employ some 2,200 men and women. Leading Italian and French textile manufacturers, weavers and spinning mills as well as Europe’s most innovative printers work for our organization, providing the exclusive patterns, fabrics and colors that distinguish the ESCADA collections.

Understanding the unique fashion needs and expectations of a global clientele is a key pillar of our corporate philosophy – and the reason why we so wholeheartedly embrace individuality and diversity.

  • Teamwork

Particularly in our fast-paced industry, it is essential to remain up-to-the-minute and in touch with the market, i.e. the customer. This is why we focus on teamwork and foster the regular interchange of information worldwide, helping to create a work environment that is shaped by partnership and dialog.

Our talented specialists collaborate interdepartmentally, bridging hierarchies and transcending borders. They enjoy ample scope for creativity and responsibility. To us, teamwork also means mutual support, a spirit of cooperation and an allocation of tasks that is fine-tuned to each person’s special skills.

This provides the platform from which we collectively pursue our ambitious goals for a successful future.

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