Day in the Life: Lead Developer

What sorts of projects does an IT contractor get involved with? We spoke to the lead developer at a leading international bank to find out more about the role.

Half of IT Professionals Receive Pay Rises

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53% of IT specialists received a salary increase last year, according to our IT Pay and Compensation Survey. Even morer remain optimistic of their pay prospects for the year ahead.

Our survey, which is based on the responses of 255 IT professionals, shows that 20% received a pay rise of between one and three per cent of their salaries. A relatively small proportion (18%) received an uplift of more than ten per cent.

A higher proportion of IT specialists from London and the South East (56%) secured a pay rise than the Midlands (50%) and the North (47%), while more females (65%) than males working in the profession received a pay rise.

These figures are reflected in the results of our Salary Survey, which show that overall permanent IT salaries are up 0.3% year-on-year.

Bonus Levels

Similarly, only 34% of IT professionals received a bonus. And the majority (24%) of this 34% received a payout equalling ten per cent or less of their salaries. As with pay rises, a higher percentage of IT workers in London and the South East (40%) secured bonuses than in the Midlands (34%) and the North (23%).

Optimism for the future

But IT professionals are slightly more optimistic for the future, when 57% expect a salary increase and 38% expect a bonus. They are also more hopeful about the levels of these payments, with (28%) expecting an increase of more than seven per cent of their salaries (25% received a pay rise at this level the previous year). Similarly, 29% are predicting a bonus of six per cent or more of their salaries (22% received a bonus the year before).

Three-quarters Want to Move Jobs

These relatively low pay and bonus levels are leading many IT professionals to consider their career options. In total, 77% are looking to move jobs – with 32% seeking a pay rise or change in compensation and 37% saying career progression is their main motivating factor for thinking about changing roles.

IT professionals who are seeking to move jobs are looking to do so quickly. More than a third (36%) want to change roles in the next three months, while 69% say they want to move in the next year.

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